Types of Home Care Services

If you are searching for home care for seniors, chances are you are in need of specific services, such as health assistance or transportation for yourself or a loved one. You may also have questions about what home health care entails. For example, people often wonder if home care covers areas such as errand running and companionship, or if it is limited to the health and personal care arenas. Are services jumbled together in a package, or can they be purchased on an as-needed basis? While the rates and offerings will vary based on the home care provider in question, here are some basic services that are frequently available:

Health Care

One crucial aspect of elder care is health care, which encompasses a range of services. Caregivers (home health aides) may administer medications and oxygen, monitor blood pressure and blood sugar, and do tube feedings and catheter care. In addition, care may be managed by R.N.s, who monitor the progress of clients, supervise, and advise home health aides on the best course of action.

Personal Care

Dressing, grooming, bathing and toileting. These are some of the services that fall under the realm of personal care. While it may be difficult for a loved one to admit that help is needed in these areas, it is crucial that assistance is received, just as it is crucial that clients trust the home health aides that help them with personal matters.

Household Chores

We’ve established that home care involves the monitoring of health issues, but surely chores are left to cleaning services, right? Think again! Home health aides often prepare meals and provide assistance with tasks such as laundry, daily housekeeping and cleaning. Having a trusted person to help with these services is a huge relief for clients who require help with day-to-day tasks.

Transportation and Errands

We know that home health care involves care received in the home, but it can also play an important role in ensuring that clients enjoy life outside of the home. In fact, clients thrive when they are able to do the things they love to do, such as meeting friends for lunch, attending worship services and taking part in family gatherings. Home health aides often provide transportation for clients so they can reach their desired desitnations. Not to mention, errands such as trips to the grocery store and the doctor’s office are essential, and home health aides ensure that clients are able to make their appointments.


When clients’ health requires them to spend more time at home, there can be a sense of loneliness and frustration. The companionship provided by home health aides is comforting and helpful, and it can be particularly beneficial for clients experiencing vision loss or memory loss. From hourly visits to overnight care, a range of options are available so clients receive the care and companionship they need.

The above services are comprehensive, but many home health care providers allow clients to pick and choose the best option at the most helpful times. For example, some clients only need care when a family caregiver is absent, while others use home care as a supplement to assisted living care.

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