Adjusting to Home Care

There’s a wealth of online resources and articles for individuals adjusting to life in nursing care. Yet very few acknowledge the adjustment involved in seeking the help of a home health care provider. Sure, when home care is involved, a person can enjoy the convenience of health care from the comfort of home, but there are still changes that may affect an individual who begins depending on an in-home caregiver.

For one thing, involving a home care provider makes it clear that a person may be struggling to maintain a sense of independence. When family caregivers are assisting with tasks and chores, the extent of the help needed may be camouflaged by the familiarity of a visit from a daughter, son, niece, etc. Yet once a caregiver is paid to work a certain number of hours in a client’s home, it’s hard to avoid the inevitable reality that one’s life has changed. And that help is definitely needed.

Today we explore a few ways that individuals and their families can adjust to the addition of home health care in their daily routines.

Stay Involved

If you are a family member who became a caregiver for your loved one, you may feel comforted by the fact that he or she will now be receiving consistent care, especially if the home care agency is highly rated. Not to mention, this additional care will likely free up some of your time and energy, making it possible for you to return to activities and routines you’ve put on the back burner. This is great news, and you definitely deserve some down time after the diligent care you’ve shown for another.

However, if possible, continue to spend time with your loved one. This is especially important when he or she is initially adjusting to home care. If you typically visit once a day, keep up those visits. By staying active in the life of your friend or family member, you are showing him or her that certain joys will remain the same, even though daily life has changed. You are also showing your support and illustrating that even though you are no longer a primary caregiver, you will always be a loving presence.

Give Your Loved One a Voice

As we all age and begin to realize that life will change whether we want it to or not, there is a certain loss of control that begins to set in. It’s inevitable. One way to combat this reality is to remain as active as possible, and to be true participants in our own lives. This is a gift you can give your loved one as he or she grapples with the new reality of home care.

While it may feel like there is a stranger in the home, encourage your friend or family member to see this step as an empowering one. Involve him or her in conversations about the care schedule. Make it clear that he or she is a participant in life, not one who watches from a distance.

Choose an Exceptional Home Care Provider

One of the best ways to ease the transition to home care is to find an exceptional home care provider. An agency that hires only the most qualified caregivers, allows you to customize a schedule that best fits the needs of your loved one, and provides the highest level of one-on-one care.

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