Caring for Aging Parents

When it comes to caring for aging parents, there are many available options. The first step is determining the necessary level of care. This involves gathering information, often through observation. For example, is your parent having difficulty keeping up with daily chores and home maintenance? If the sink is overflowing with dirty dishes and the laundry hamper has been full for over a week, perhaps it’s time to consider additional care. Furthermore, have you noticed a change in your parent’s grooming habits, overall health or sense of well-being?

Identifying the need for care is the first step. Next will be decisions involving how much care to seek and how to find the best provider. Today we explore a few options for senior care. What you may not realize is that for many people, receiving care at home is a helpful option with undeniable benefits.


Are you searching for senior home care in MN? Home care is an ideal choice for many, especially since it allows individuals to remain in their homes, surrounded by familiar, beloved items that bring them comfort. You may assume that since your parent isn’t ready for round-the-clock care, it’s up to you to fill in the gaps for now. However, many children of aging parents find that once they line up care in areas such as medication administration, meal preparation, basic home maintenance and transportation, they are truly able to enjoy spending time with their parents, the way they did before they became caretakers.

But home care just involves health-related tasks, right?! Think again. Many home care agencies provide levels of care that range from 24-hour live-in care to hourly care. Not to mention, this care covers a variety of tasks, from helping with household chores to transporting clients so they can attend appointments and social outings. Not to mention, with home care, clients can taper services up or down as needed. This means that if your parent requires more care as he or she ages, that care can continue to be provided from the comfort of home. For many, remaining at home indefinitely is a viable option.


Baywood Home Care is the premier provider of in-home care in MN. From hourly home care in Mankato to Minneapolis 24-hour home care, we offer a range of services so you can find the level of care that best meets your needs. Our mission is to enable seniors to live where and how they want to live. That’s why we offer assistance in a range of areas, including meal preparation and transportation. Communicating with families is a priority, and we enjoy working with the children of aging parents to ensure that their loved ones are receiving the care they deserve. If you’re searching for senior home care in MN, such as in-home care in Minneapolis, contact Baywood today to learn more about how we can help.